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Major Arcana


Death is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that is the most misunderstood one. Instead of physical death except for a rare time, this card represents endings and transformations. This can represent the death of an identity, a relationship, or an interest. Either way, it represents having to let go in order to increase self-awareness.


Death is the one card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that represents endings and transformations. It does not represent physical death except for rare cases such as when doing reading about a terminally ill patient. However, aside from that, Death literally means the death of anything other than physical death. It can represent the death of a relationship, a role, an identity, an interest, or a business. The death of these things increases self-awareness. In some cases, Death is welcomed when it comes to doing a reading about an unsatisfying relationship. However, it is not a good card to see when it comes to a business that you had literally established whether it was recent or if it has been around for years. That is a failure. It can also represent the death of a hobby. One thing that Death represents is a first-time mother. Before pregnancy, the mother was a woman that only took care of herself and had the identity as a woman or a working woman, etc. However, pregnancy changes that. Especially once her baby is born. Her identity has transformed into a mom. She may still be a woman or a working woman but she is also a mom. Her old self is gone.

Death image


  • # Endings

  • # Transformation

  • # Letting go of attachments

  • # Change that is profound

  • # Failure

  • # Self-awareness

Reversed Meaning

Death in reverse is not a positive representation. It can represent living a life where you are unaware. It can also represent depression, as well as resistance to change, and delayed endings.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Living unaware

  • # Depression

  • # Resistance to change

  • # Delayed endings

Day Card

Don't fear endings. Remember one thing about endings. They lead to new beginnings, and new beginnings are what your soul needs to experience to evolve.