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Major Arcana


The Strength card is the card that represents someone who used their strength to conquer a major life issue whether it is a situation regarding health, or conquering temptation. This card reveals someone's strength of character.


The Strength card is the card represents the strength of character as well as conquering a major life situation. It could be relevant to overcoming an illness or healing from an injury or conquering temptation. However, either way, when this card comes up, it means that there is triumph and success by overcoming a major hurdle. The previous card, the Chariot represents having the will and determination to succeed. Strength is the card that represents the result of pushing through a difficult challenge as it means success. When this card appears it is a sign of potency, vitality, confidence, as well as inner strength.

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  • # Vitality

  • # Confidence

  • # Strength within

  • # Inner power

  • # Potency

Reversed Meaning

When the Strength card comes up in reverse, it can represent hedonism, a lack of courage, no self-control, self-doubt, as well as vanity. It can also mean that there is a lack of power as well.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Hedonism

  • # No self-control

  • # A lack of courage

  • # Self-doubt

  • # Vanity

  • # Lack of power

Day Card

You are stronger than you believe you are. Lean on your inner strength and power to overcome any obstacle coming your way. You can do it.