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Major Arcana

The Chariot

The Chariot is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that represents overcoming obstacles and conflicts as well as forward movement in a positive direction. This is the card that comes up when it is indicative that someone needs to go through hard work, and go through emotional turmoil and push through challenges to succeed.


The Chariot is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that represents overcoming obstacles as well as conflict in order to attain a goal. You are pushing through challenges in order to keep moving forward towards a positive and strong direction. Anytime the Chariot comes up in a reading, it is an indicator that one's journey to success will be difficult. There will be plenty of obstacles, challenges, and difficulties. This can cause them to have the temptation to throw in the towel. However, because it is the Chariot, no matter how tough things get, defeat is not an option. Pushing through anything is what is shown here to succeed. The ordeal will be hard physically as well as emotionally. The point is that when the Chariot is involved, success will happen through tenacity and strength, and the drive to get to the end result. It is all about keeping the eye on the prize regardless of the extremely difficult challenges that are encountered along the way.

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  • # Overcoming obstacles

  • # Willpower

  • # Ambition

  • # Drive

  • # Dedication

  • # Journey

Reversed Meaning

When the Chariot appears in reverse, it is indicative of a loss of willpower, self-doubt, energy that is scattered, as well as a lack of direction. It can also be indicative of giving up.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Loss of willpower

  • # Self-doubt

  • # Energy that is scattered

  • # Giving up

  • # No real direction

Day Card

You have the power to get through any situation if you put your heart, mind, and soul to it. You will get through the journey. You will overcome any obstacle thrown your way.