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Major Arcana

The Hermit

The Hermit is the tarot card in the Major Arcana that represents self-reflection and withdrawing from society to become introspective. It is a card that represents seeking solitude, meditation, and soul-searching. When you are doing any of that, you end up spending time alone but it does not mean you are lonely. You are reflecting.


The Hermit card is the card of the Major Arcana in the tarot that rules self-reflection, soul-searching, seeking solitude, introspection, meditation, and withdrawing from society. Even though this card represents being alone, it does not mean at all that you are lonely. It simply means you are very reflective and you need that time to withdraw to do some soul-searching. When this card shows up, you are looking within as you need this time to do so in order to reflect. You are in the need of some time to do some inner work in order to come up with the answers that are inside of you. This need to do reflecting can result from a few scenarios. If you were in a bad relationship where you were taken advantage of or abused, you need to take some time alone to do some reflecting. It can also represent the time after making a huge mistake, you need to take the time to look within to see where things went wrong and how to prevent it again.

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  • # Meditation

  • # Soul-searching

  • # Self-reflection

  • # Withdrawing from society

  • # Introspection

  • # Solitude

Reversed Meaning

When the Hermit comes in reverse, it does not mean ignoring the need to be introspective by hanging around with others. It means that someone could be a misfit, or is lonely, and sad. It can also represent exile as well as withdrawing from loved ones. It may be a sign of depression or going through the Dark Night Of The Soul.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Misfit

  • # Loneliness

  • # Sadness

  • # Exile

  • # Withdrawing from loved ones

  • # Depression

  • # The Dark Night Of The Soul

Day Card

Only you can find out the answers to your questions if you do some soul-searching. There are times when you have to withdraw from society to gain the introspection you need. Clear your mind to get the answers you are looking for by meditating.