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Major Arcana

The High Priestess

The High Priestess of the Major Arcana of the tarot is the card that is assigned as the second one in the deck. This is the card that rules mystery, intuition, and unraveling secrets. This card shows up when there are things that need to come to the surface that are hidden. And you will need to use your intuition in order to solve any mystery.


The High Priestess of the Major Arcana of the tarot represents secrets, digging up secrets, mysteries, and unraveling them, as well as your intuition. When this card comes up, it is indicative that you need to unravel some mysteries and use your intuition in order to solve some problems on your own. Another thing that this card can indicate is that there is a time of being still and to retreat so you can reflect upon any type of situation. Reflect upon anything that you need to reflect on and trust your instincts to help you get through it. If this card is coming up, then it means that something around you is not how it appears. You will find that something doesn't add up. If it does not add up, the High Priestess is telling you that being the case, and you need to trust your intuition to get to the bottom of what is being presented to you.

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  • # Intuition

  • # Uncovering secrets

  • # Unraveling mysteries

  • # Psychic powers

  • # Getting to the bottom of a problem

  • # Spiritual insight

  • # Talents that are hidden

  • # Anything that is yet to be revealed

Reversed Meaning

When the High Priestess card is reversed, it is indicative that there are secrets and information that is purposely being withheld, as well as no harmony on a personal level.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Secrets

  • # Lack of personal harmony

  • # Withholding information purposely

Day Card

The High Priestess. Today is a time to move inward. Trust your intuition. Especially if things don't add up.