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Major Arcana

The Lovers

The Lovers is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot and it represents making a choice, especially when it comes to commitments in relationships. However, the Lovers can be indicative of the type of choices you make for lifestyles as well as for careers, or anything major in your life.


The Lovers is the card that represents making a choice, and it usually is relevant to relationships. Being in a committed relationship is a choice you need to make for yourself and for your partner. When you make a committed choice you are sacrificing a life that you are used to by knowing that it is the right move to make. Making a committed choice as far as relationships go means that you are sacrificing the single life as well as the freedom that comes with it. It also means that if you are in a love triangle, then you have to make a choice to be with one partner, or you may make the decision to not be with any of them. Sometimes choosing the single life is a choice in itself as well as this card would be relevant to that. Making a commitment as well to a hobby, career path, or a new lifestyle would be shown by this card. It does not necessarily have to be a relationship with a partner. It can represent forming a relationship with something important to you.

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  • # Commitment

  • # Making choices

  • # Forming partnerships

  • # Falling in love

  • # Being at crossroads

  • # Relationships

Reversed Meaning

When the Lovers card comes up in reverse, it can be indicative of indecision, infidelity, problems with a relationship, separation, or a relationship that is broken. It can also be failing to honor a commitment.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Indecision

  • # Infidelity

  • # Relationship troubles

  • # Relationship that is broken

  • # Separation

  • # Failing to honor a commitment

Day Card

Don't procrastinate when it comes to making the right choice in regards to your relationship. Make the final decision to make a commitment to something or someone you want to stick to. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you do.