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Major Arcana

The Magician

The Magician is the first card in the Major Arcana and it encourages you to create something new, dip into your resources to do that, and to tap into your potential so the odds of success are with you.


The Magician points to the skills, the capabilities, the resources, and reminds the querent that they have the potential to do anything they choose. They just need to tap into it. When this card comes up it is a great sign that the universe is bringing great changes towards your way so you have the opportunity to create anything you choose. This is the time in your life in order to manifest any outcome that you desire. When the Magician refers to a person, it signifies someone who you can learn from as their wisdom will teach you many things. For love readings, this card is quite positive that a new relationship is on the horizon or the existing one will go into a deeper level. For a career reading, new monetary opportunities are presenting themselves. For health, you are gaining strength so this is a good card to see.

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  • # Starting new

  • # Creation

  • # New beginnings

  • # Skills

  • # Determination

  • # Resourceful

  • # Initiative

Reversed Meaning

When the Magician card is reversed, it can suggest that you might be feeling a lack of direction or purpose. You may be struggling to harness your skills and resources effectively, leading to a sense of wasted potential. It's important to examine whether you're using your abilities to their fullest extent or if self-doubt is holding you back. This reversal could also indicate a time when your efforts and intentions are not aligned, resulting in unsuccessful outcomes or a lack of progress.

Reversed Keywords

  • # Misuse of skills

  • # Lack of focus

  • # Wasted potential

  • # Self-doubt

  • # Manipulation or trickery

  • # Ineffective communication

  • # Unsuccessful efforts

  • # Alignment issues

Day Card

The Magician. You can create your own reality.