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About Tarot – Explore Universe’s Wisdom

Welcome aboard! Let's explore the universe's wisdom and your inner truths with our hands-on Tarot.Pro App.

The Fascinating Story of Tarot

Ever wondered where Tarot originated? Our story begins in the heart of 15th century Europe. Back then, tarot cards were simply for gaming fun. Fast-forward a few centuries, and the mystical folk of the 18th century reinvented them into a spiritual compass. They're no longer just cards but keys to unlock deeper understanding and life's mysteries. Today's tarot deck, with its 78 vibrant cards - 22 Major Arcana representing life's spiritual roller-coaster, and 56 Minor Arcana mirroring our daily ups and downs - acts as a guiding light on our life's path.

Got Questions? Tarot Has Answers

What's great about tarot is how it tackles your deepest queries. Looking for answers on love? Curious about career moves? Need a health check? Or just on a journey of self-discovery? Tarot's got your back. The trick is to ask about yourself, focusing inward for personal exploration. Instead of "Will I find love?", try "What can I do to welcome love into my life?" or switch "Will I be successful?" with "How can I drive my career forward?" You see, it's all about you.

Unleash the Magic of Tarot

But wait, there's more to tarot than fortune-telling. Think of it as your personal self-reflecting mirror, your decision-helper, and your growth catalyst. Each card is like a snapshot of your life or a gateway to self-realization. Reading tarot helps you make sense of your life's stories, bringing clarity to your thoughts, feelings, and choices. It's like having a heart-to-heart chat with yourself, helping you see things from a fresh perspective while managing life's hurdles and embracing opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Hop into our tarot app, your friendly guide to wisdom. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, and let's find the answers that perfectly sync with your unique life journey.