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Last modified on June 4, 2023

We are no legal experts here at ‘Tarot.Pro’. We created our legal notices with an online tool called 'websitepolicies.com'. Assuming that you are also not a legal expert, let us lay out the main philosophy at ‘Tarot.Pro’:

1. We do not sell your personal information to anyone or bother you with any promotion or marketing emails.

2. You can always delete your account and all your personal information attached (which is limited to the information you can see yourself in the website/ application) – note: ‘creating account’ and ‘saving your readings’ (for example) are currently work and progress not yet available as per June 2023.

3. Although we believe Tarot or other Divination Cards readings are a great tool to evaluate a situation, it is not an exact science. Therefor use your common sense while assessing a situation and taking your next action. Never see an those readings as a substitute for professional (legal,medical or other) advice.

4. We love to bring a great website and app, but this is all just work of love, not something that provides any means of income (more the opposite actually…: -s). Therefore, we cannot warrant that everything will keep working, the service we provide is 'as is'.

If you want to see our legal notices. Here they are:

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