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Busting Seven Tarot Myths That Are Completely Untrue

Do you have an interest in tarot, but at the same time, you are afraid to read and study it because you hear about so many myths surrounding it that it puts you off of reading it? If that is the case, then you are not alone. There are so many false claims and myths about reading the tarot that could make anyone hesitant to practice the craft. What can be done about fixing that issue? How about busting those myths about tarot. Let's now bust seven common myths about tarot so you will not be hesitant to read it.

Myth One: You Cannot Practice Tarot If You Are Not Gifted Your First Deck

In other words, you are made to believe that if you are not gifted your first tarot deck, then you are not meant to read the tarot. That insinuates that buying your patio is not acceptable. In other words, if you came from a religious Christian, Jewish, or Muslim family who would not touch the tarot, and if you had an interest in it, then you could not fulfill your dream to read tarot. Firstly, you absolutely can purchase any deck that draws your attention whenever you want to begin reading the tarot. Secondly, you do not have to be gifted a deck of tarot cards to practice reading tarot. If your family doesn't believe in tarot cards and you are, then this is good news for you! Buy the deck that you are drawn to buying.

Myth Two: You Must Only Start Reading Tarot With The Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

Here is something that you will be happy to learn. You can begin reading the tarot with any deck you are drawn to, which means you do not have to start reading the tarot with the Rider-Waite-Smith. That is unless you want to learn to read the tarot by using that deck. The only reason that there is the belief that you should only begin learning to read the tarot with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is that it is a learner's deck. That is the ideal deck for beginners. Even though it is not ideal to begin reading the tarot with more advanced decks if you are a novice, there are plenty of other easy decks to choose from that are easy to read. Beginner tarot decks include The Wild Unknown, The Lover's Path Tarot Deck, and Robin Wood Tarot.

Myth Three: You Must Throw A Lot Of Crystals On Your Cards To Cleanse Them

Cleansing cards is essential to clear unwanted energies from them, but the process does not involve crystals. You can cleanse your cards by placing the deck by the window sill during the day, so the sun's rays cleanse them. However, please don't leave them there for more than eight hours, or else the UV rays can begin to fade the cards. You can also cleanse your cards by placing the deck on the window sill overnight during the moonlit sky. You can also place your cards on a Himalayan salt slab or put the cards in a Ziploc bag with sea salt overnight. If you want to cleanse your cards with crystals, then by all means. However, it is not mandatory as there are other options.

Myth Four: You Must Read Your Tarot Cards In A Candlelit Room With Incense Burning Around Surrounded By Crystals

In other words, the myth is that you must read your tarot cards in a magical setting. The fact of the matter is, you don't unless you want to, of course. When you watch movies and TV shows of psychics reading tarot cards, you see them reading them in mystical settings such as those described above. That is what perpetuated the myth, and remember, it is just a myth, a false belief. You can read your tarot cards anywhere you want. It is ideal for reading your cards in a quiet setting so you can pick up the messages from the cards easily. That can be from your bedroom, even if you did not make your bed or if your room is messy. As long as the clutter doesn't distract you, it is perfectly fine to read your tarot cards in your bedroom. You can read your tarot cards in your living room or your backyard patio. It is up to you, and the setting does not have to be magical unless you want it to be that way.

Myth Five: You Have To Cover A Surface With A Dark Velvet Cloth For Reading The Tarot

If you read up on reading the tarot, you may read in certain places that you need to read the tarot cards on a surface covered with a dark velvet cloth to keep negative energies away. That is untrue. You can read your tarot cards on any surface you like. You can read your cards on your bed, your flimsy blonde-colored TV table, the white kitchen table, or the mahogany wood dresser. The surface you use to read the tarot cards will not have an impact on your reading.

Myth Six: You Have To Be An Evolved Spiritual Person To Read The Tarot

How many people are genuinely evolved spiritually? Maybe Mother Theresa and Jesus were those types, and those were extraordinary people. Do you want to put yourself on a pedestal like that if you want to read tarot cards? It is not necessary to do so. Most people struggle with their demons and shadow side, and many of those individuals read the tarot. People drawn to the tarot are indeed spiritual, but that does not mean they don't struggle with managing negative emotions. Most people do on some level because that is what being human means.

Myth Seven: You Have To Be Psychic To Read Tarot

If you want to improve your intuitive and psychic skills, the tarot is an excellent tool to use. However, you do not have to be psychic to read the tarot. Tarot can be used to help you improve your creative side and for self-reflection reasons too. None of that has anything to do with being psychic if you have a creative reason to use the tarot, by all means!