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Relationship Spread

Using a six-card layout, this spread is perfect for examining your existing relationships, understanding the dynamics at play, and highlighting areas for potential improvement or growth. Each card represents a different aspect of your relationship such as the foundation, current state, challenges, strengths, near future, and long-term potential.

Career Spread

This five-card spread helps guide you through your career path. Each card can represent your current job situation, challenges, opportunities, potential decisions, and the outcome or future prospects.

Love Spread

Designed with seven cards, this spread guides you in your quest for love, providing insights on your past relationships, your ideal partner, current challenges or obstacles, what you can change about your approach to love, potential outcomes, and advice for your love life.

Saturday's Day Card

A single card reading to guide you through the day. The card represents the overall energy or theme you may encounter this Saturday and offers advice on how to best navigate it.

Month Ahead Spread

A five-card spread that provides an overview of the coming month. The cards could represent the current situation, challenges, focus, unexpected events, and the overall outcome for the month.

Year Ahead Spread

A twelve-card spread that gives you a monthly overview of the upcoming year. Each card represents a different month, providing insights into the energies, challenges, and opportunities you may encounter.

Self-Improvement Spread

This four-card spread is an excellent tool for personal development and self-improvement. The cards represent your current state, areas for growth, obstacles to overcome, and potential outcomes for your personal journey.

Celtic Cross Spread

This ten-card spread is perfect for getting a comprehensive view of your life. The cards cover your present situation, potential challenges, subconscious influences, past events, goals, future influences, personal self-perception, environment, hopes or fears, and the ultimate outcome.

Yes/No spread

The Yes/No spread is a simple, direct method specifically designed to assist with straightforward decisions and questions. It seeks to provide a clear answer or at least insight into the potential outcomes of your query, framed in the terms of a positive (Yes), negative (No), or uncertain response.

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